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Bob Dolan is the author of two books: 


Life Lessons from My Life With My Brother, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, is the popular book about the past and present of one of America's greatest Catholic leaders, Timothy Cardinal Dolan. 



"If you want to come to know the family man who became the Archbishop of New York

and why he is a beacon of joyful hope for the Catholic Church in the United States, 

This is the book to read!"


- Fr. Jonathan Morris; Fox News Correspondent





Waking Patrick, a work of fiction, tells the fascinating story of a common man who finally addresses,  with the guidance of a few "friends", many of the doubts and questions which have haunted him for years; including prayer, forgiveness, Judgement Day and the difference an ordinary man can make.



"The book is laced with Bob's unique wit and imagination, and it also provides

guidance and reassurance  that we are on the right path.


This is a very entertaining and important book!"


- Regis Philbin; entertainer and television host

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